This is an interesting piece in Time. It makes a few sweeping statements that I’m not sure are backed up by the facts - in particular, making the case in favour of organic foods when the differences are negligible or meaningless - but along the way it makes some good points.

First, organic food is a lot more expensive than ‘conventional’ supermarket foods. The price difference is particularly startling when it comes to milk.

Secondly, as the cheese taste test shows, how food is prepared usually makes a much bigger difference than whether the ingredients are organic or not.

Thirdly, there’s the difficulty of comparing like with like. For example, the hens producing the organic eggs are clearly eating a more complex diet than the hens producing the cheap, supermarket eggs. That suggests it would be possible to produce tastier eggs for not much more money, but without the organic label. Is there a market for that?

Fourthly, fatty meat is often nicer - which means grain-fed, sedentary animals not grass-fed, roaming livestock.

Health checkup: who needs organic food?, Time