An anecdotal riposte to Jamie Oliver’s assumption that childhood eating habits determine adult ones - from his Channel 4 food campaigning chum, Hugh.

‘He undertook his own food journey as a teenager. He grew up with a fondness for food and was so keen on making cakes that his mother bought him a sweet thermometer for his seventh or eighth birthday. But his tastes were unsophisticated. “The food I loved, I loved with passion. Findus Crispy Pancakes, boy did I love them. Fish fingers: completely addicted. Also my mum’s spaghetti Bolognese. I used to be really fussy. There was a whole list of foods I wouldn’t touch which definitely included mushrooms or tomatoes in any shape or form, except ketchup. Couldn’t put them in my mouth without gagging.” Only when he was a teenager and his father started growing tomatoes did he learn to love them. He fell for mushrooms when someone took him hunting wild fungi.’

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall makes it simple at River Cottage, The Times, 7 October 2009