Gawd bless ya, Julie Burchill, for namechecking the book while having a well-earned pop at the food police and health fascists.

I call it Foodoo - the irrational belief that if you change someone’s diet, you will automatically change their behaviour, prospects and pretty much their whole lives. As the gap between rich and poor grows ever wider, it’s very comforting to believe that somehow those at the lower strata of our society have brought their lack of social mobility on themselves by eating junk food, and that if parents switched tomorrow to an organic diet high in fruit and vegetables with at least one meal a day cooked from scratch, kids from council estates would be over-running Oxbridge. (Currently, privately educated pupils are almost seven times as likely to get into Oxford or Cambridge as those from state schools.) Or as Jeremy Vine put it with delightful sarcasm when I was fighting a foodoo fiend on his radio show awhile back, ‘If we stop people eating chips, they’ll stop swearing!’

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Julie Burchill on why eating right doesn't matter,