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Dutch eggs scandal: another food panic

The current scandal surrounding contaminated eggs from Dutch farms confirms, according to some commentators, that our food system is broken and dangerous - and we’re all to blame as consumers because we’re addicted to cheap food. Nonsense.

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We’re all malnourished now

The definition of ‘malnutrition’ is expanding faster than our waistlines.

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In defence of cheap milk

Dairy farming is a hardnosed business, not a rural idyll.

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Food security: running away from the world

The desire for the UK to be more self-reliant is a bad idea.

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In defence of cheap food

The horsemeat scandal in Europe has led many of the usual suspects to question the wisdom of cheap food and/or our ‘industrialised food system’. In reality, our food isn’t cheap enough and the food system isn’t industrialised enough.

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Exposing the myths about local food

Food activists claim that ‘local’ food is more sustainable, secure and nutritious. As Pierre Desrochers and Hiroko Shimizu demonstrate in The Locavore’s Dilemma, local-food promoters couldn’t be more wrong.

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If Prince Charles represents the future of food, god help us

A speech given by His Royal Hystericalness in Washington in 2011 has now been turned into a small book - which is getting oodles of praise from the kind of foodie eco-activists who share his fearful, anti-progress outlook.

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Locavores are wrong: when it comes to grub, we should think global

Those who only eat forego importing food from around the world in favour of locally produced food won’t save the planet, become healthier, revive communities or improve food security.

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What’s wrong with Big Food?

My article in City AM, a preview of a Battle of Ideas debate, looks at why big business has, by and large, provided the food system that we need.

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A food manifesto: old thinking in new clothes

Carolyn Steel argues that we need to put food at the centre of our lives again. But one of the great developments of the past few decades is finally being liberated from the day-to-day problem of feeding ourselves.

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