No, milk is not cheaper than water

Another zombie statistic doing the rounds.

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There’s no sugar-coating this tax

A proposed tax on the sweet stuff would be another small blow against personal choice.

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In defence of cheap food

The horsemeat scandal in Europe has led many of the usual suspects to question the wisdom of cheap food and/or our ‘industrialised food system’. In reality, our food isn’t cheap enough and the food system isn’t industrialised enough.

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Debating the horsemeat affair and the wisdom of cheap food

I took part in a studio debate for Channel 4 News. Watch it here.

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The coffee-shop culture war

The anger at Tesco’s shareholding in a trendy coffee chain, Harris + Hoole, is snobbish, small-minded and ignorant.

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Food is too cheap?

Two recent articles paint rather different pictures of food and food prices.

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Danish fat tax that didn’t bring home the bacon

While slapping taxes on ‘unhealthy’ food has been a policy receiving much support in political circles, Denmark has dropped the idea after just a year.

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Totnes: local cappuccino for local people

Backward campaigners trying to prevent Costa coffee from opening a shop in the Devon market town should wake up and smell their own hypocrisy.

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Exposing the myths about local food

Food activists claim that ‘local’ food is more sustainable, secure and nutritious. As Pierre Desrochers and Hiroko Shimizu demonstrate in The Locavore’s Dilemma, local-food promoters couldn’t be more wrong.

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How food got cheaper

A nice piece to mark the 150th anniversary of food trade newspaper The Grocer shows how much cheaper food is now compared to when the paper first started.

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