Let kids eat cake

Public-health quangos seem oblivious to life’s sweet pleasures.

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Farewell, Clarissa Dickson Wright

The death of the posh, bolshie and pleasure-seeking star of Two Fat Ladies is a sad loss.

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Pretentious foodie bullshit

Quality work from the folks at The Onion, taking the piss out of… well, pretentious foodie bullshit.

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Review: The White Lion Hotel, Hebden Bridge

It’s early days for a newly revived venue in the Calder Valley. There’s plenty to work on, but plenty of potential, too.

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An open letter to the world’s top chefs

Here’s a message for the crème de la crème of the world’s culinary head honchos in reply to their An Open Letter to the Chefs of Tomorrow: get over yourselves.

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Let’s hear it for processed food!

There may well be bad diets but there’s no such thing as ‘junk food’, as an American academic’s little experiment has shown.

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Fast food: a love story

I recently took part in the making of this short film by the citizen TV channel, WORLDbytes. It does a great job of explaining why fast food is so popular and why it isn’t going to kill us.

A food manifesto: old thinking in new clothes

Carolyn Steel argues that we need to put food at the centre of our lives again. But one of the great developments of the past few decades is finally being liberated from the day-to-day problem of feeding ourselves.

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The Tarantino of food writing

Still raucous, hedonistic and bullshit-intolerant, Kitchen Confidential author and celeb chef Anthony Bourdain serves up more scrumptious food stories in Medium Raw.

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Squeezing the joy out of ketchup

Heinz’s decision to change its ketchup recipe after 40 years is a sign of our health-obsessed, killjoy times.

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