How’s your beef burger? Champion.

Bad jokes aside, the scandal about horse meat in burgers should not be used to smear the entire food industry.

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The usual old cobblers about obesity

The London Evening Standard‘s Dan Jones - or is that Polly Filler - does a great job today of dragging out every prejudice about obesity in the book. So, for his benefit, here’s a bit of balance on the issue.

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Gorging on anti-corporate baloney

Canadian medic Yoni Freedhoff claims on YouTube that Big Food is killing us. Such claims need to be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

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‘Consumers need more help to choose health’

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham thinks we are too dumb to be allowed to choose breakfast cereals for ourselves. The trouble is, so it seems does everyone else in a position of influence.

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Food is too cheap?

Two recent articles paint rather different pictures of food and food prices.

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Danish fat tax that didn’t bring home the bacon

While slapping taxes on ‘unhealthy’ food has been a policy receiving much support in political circles, Denmark has dropped the idea after just a year.

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Sugar is not toxic, but health campaigns might be

Food campaigners and crusading medics want to persuade us that Big Sugar is a force for evil. But whatever the science behind what we eat, the idea that the government should regulate our diets is the most dangerous idea of all.

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Prop 37: politics by innuendo

Proposed legislation in California to label GM food assumes there is something scary and different about it.

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Traffic-light food labeling: the latest victory for the Diet Police

Tesco’s introduction of traffic-light food warnings shows how normal the nudging of the masses has become.

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Eating habits, diabetes and healthcare costs

We are told that we need new policies to change the nation’s eating habits, in order to tackle obesity and, in turn, type-2 diabetes. But even in the unlikely event that we eradicated obesity, diabetes would remain a major burden on healthcare costs.

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