Don’t call us fat OR obese. Just leave us alone

The spat over how officialdom should refer to plump people overlooks the fact that it should be none of its business how much we weigh.

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Officialdom’s bullying of so-called fat kids

The branding of a perfectly normal 11-year-old boy as ‘overweight’ shows how mad the obesity panic has become.

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The tyranny of the anti-junk food crusade

The idea that thousands of lives could be saved if people stopped eating the ‘wrong’ food is pie in the sky.

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People who eat ‘junk food’ aren’t junkies

The idea that the food industry has turned us into fat, helpless beings desperate for our next fast-food fix is based on a degraded view of human beings.

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Squeezing the joy out of ketchup

Heinz’s decision to change its ketchup recipe after 40 years is a sign of our health-obsessed, killjoy times.

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This tax on fizzy drinks stinks

Whether it is cigarettes, booze or soda, it’s not the place of the taxman to dissuade us from our enjoyable bad habits.

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Is this Food, Inc. or Monsters, Inc?

An Oscar-nominated documentary about America’s food industry is simply ‘outrage porn’ for organic eaters.

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America, we need to talk about Jamie

Once upon a time, you kicked us Brits out when we tried to tell you how to run your affairs. It’s time to do the same with Jamie Oliver.

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After the war on salt, the battle against butter

Healthy-living killjoys now even want to ban the yellow creamy stuff that makes food so tasty and enjoyable.

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Put the lunch police back in their box

New research says children’s packed lunches are unhealthy. But what we feed our kids is no business of government.

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