Out of tuna

Is it the end of the line for a ban on bluefish tuna fishing?

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What’s the Future of Food?

New online debate begins on Spiked.

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Food shortages follow drought in Kenya

People are accustomed to drought conditions. But is there a new cycle where the droughts come more regularly, because of climate change?

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Australia wants food to go the extra mile

Australian agriculture minister Tony Burke has laid into the idea that Europeans should buy local to protect the environment.

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Food price crisis: feasting on apocalyptic porn

Observers and officials are using reports of a food crisis to scaremonger about everything from population growth to modern technology.

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Food Price Crisis: the world won’t starve just yet

Prices have leapt due to growing demand, but we can feed the world if we refuse to allow irrational ideas – like environmentalism – to get in the way.

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