Vertical farms?

Here’s an interesting piece from Green Futures, via the Guardian. The thing is that growing food in towers isn’t a bad idea, but limiting the appeal of the idea to using it in urban situations seems daft. How about using it to free up agricultural land for more interesting uses - like building millions of much-needed homes?

Are vertical farms the future of urban food?, Guardian

Is this Food, Inc. or Monsters, Inc?

An Oscar-nominated documentary about America’s food industry is simply ‘outrage porn’ for organic eaters.

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Wow, I think I’ve found the enemy

Pollan’s Food Rules are a mix of moderately sensible ideas - don’t pig out all the time etc - mixed with straightforward middle-class prejudice.

"Food Rules": A Completely Different Way To Fix The Health Care Crisis, Huffington Post

Ethical quandries at the dinner plate

This is what the decision about what to eat looks like when you put reducing carbon emissions before pleasure and nutrition. However, Hickman does illustrate very well that many assumptions about what is green are wrong.

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The future of meat?

Scientists in the Netherlands have succeeded in using pig cells to generate a kind of ‘soggy pork’.

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Todmorden’s ‘propaganda planting’

More on Incredible Edible, the West Yorkshire project to promote local and sustainable food through encouraging people to grow it. ‘Our aim is to make our town entirely self-sufficient in food production by 2018 – and if we can carry on at the same rate as we’ve done over the past 18 months since we had our first meeting and set this initiative up, we’re going to make it.’

Todmorden's Good life: Introducing Britain's greenest town, Independent

Eating ‘best before’ food

Eating food that’s still safe, but no longer at its best, is a way to save money and reduce waste. WRAP runs the lovefoodhatewaste.com campaign, and the article also mentions Freegans.

Why it pays to develop a taste for ‘best-before’ foods, The Times

Pulp fiction about baby foods and pesticides

One area where cynicicm about organic is often suspended is over baby food.

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How to avoid that food waste…

Buy what you need, don’t worry about use-by dates too much, buy at less wasteful shops…

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Still opposing GM after all these years

Verlyn Klinkenborg argues that GM, despite the wide usage in the US, is still the wrong way to go.

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