Now the good news: we waste food

Throwing food away is a positive symptom of affluence.

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Labelling GM foods is a bad idea

How to deal with the argument that we need to be ‘warned’ about GM foods.

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Save the world - eat an insect

Being corralled into eating beetles and wasps to save the planet is enough to put you right off your food.

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Eurocrats with a bee in their bonnets

It seems the bee has replaced the whale and the polar bear as the friendly face of green authoritarianism.

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In defence of cheap food

The horsemeat scandal in Europe has led many of the usual suspects to question the wisdom of cheap food and/or our ‘industrialised food system’. In reality, our food isn’t cheap enough and the food system isn’t industrialised enough.

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Prop 37: politics by innuendo

Proposed legislation in California to label GM food assumes there is something scary and different about it.

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Myths debunked 1: Defra is ignoring research on pesticides and bees

A couple of interesting snippets on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) website. The first is about the dangers, or not, of neonicotinoid pesticides.

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Defra myth bust 2: there are only 100 cod left in the North Sea

More clear-cut is this rebuttal of an article in The Sunday Times, which seemed to suggest that cod in the North Sea would soon be a childhood memory.

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Exposing the myths about local food

Food activists claim that ‘local’ food is more sustainable, secure and nutritious. As Pierre Desrochers and Hiroko Shimizu demonstrate in The Locavore’s Dilemma, local-food promoters couldn’t be more wrong.

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Obesity and climate change: much ado about nothing

A new study on the relationship between human body mass and environmental problems has got a lot of attention. But, ironically, it’s a pretty lightweight study.

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