Remembering Norman Borlaug

Last week marked the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of a man credited with saving a billion lives.

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Frankenburger? Tuck in

Lab-grown burgers are a smart idea, whatever eco-minded food snobs might say.

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Save the world - eat an insect

Being corralled into eating beetles and wasps to save the planet is enough to put you right off your food.

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What unites both sides in the Battle of Rothamsted

It’s good that scientists working on GM foods are more prepared to stand up for their work, but progress in this area may be held back by the emphasis on precaution and sustainability that many researchers share with environmentalists.

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Grow meat in a lab, not a farm

Since there is much talk about in-vitro meat today, here’s an article from 2009 wot I wrote about that very topic.

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Food innovation: Dreamfields low-carb pasta

A forward-looking view of food would not simply settle for traditional methods, something exemplified by a new food I’ve just tried.

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GM food: so, what’s holding us back?

An event this week at the London Science Museum’s Dana Centre offered a chance to reflect on where we are with GM technology. There seems even less reason than before effectively to ban GM food in the EU.

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Bt toxins and GM foods

Greens have made a song and dance about a study that finds that Bt toxins can get into our bloodstreams despite the assumption that they could not. But the fuss about it seems utterly cynical.

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What’s wrong with factory farming?

Guest post by Jason Smith. We need to get over the childish, Disneyfied view of farm animals as people with feelings and recognise that they exist to provide us with food. The more efficiently that is done, the better. Nonetheless, there are good reasons to believe large-scale farming will be at least as good for welfare as smaller farms, if not better.

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Why animal-free meat is a good idea

As scientists get closer to creating tasty, nutritious in vitro meat, let’s not turn this into another food scare.

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