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The myth of ‘real food’

At the Abergavenny Food Festival last weekend, I took the opportunity to have a pop at the eco-friendly, locavore, organic, small-is-best food snobs. Here’s an expanded version of my comments.

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Totnes: local cappuccino for local people

Backward campaigners trying to prevent Costa coffee from opening a shop in the Devon market town should wake up and smell their own hypocrisy.

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Exposing the myths about local food

Food activists claim that ‘local’ food is more sustainable, secure and nutritious. As Pierre Desrochers and Hiroko Shimizu demonstrate in The Locavore’s Dilemma, local-food promoters couldn’t be more wrong.

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Culinary catechisms: Michael Pollan and Joanna Blythman

There is certainly a cacophony of nutritional and food advice being spewed forth today. But far from cutting through the proverbial, two recent books simply add to the noise.

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An open letter to the world’s top chefs

Here’s a message for the crème de la crème of the world’s culinary head honchos in reply to their An Open Letter to the Chefs of Tomorrow: get over yourselves.

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Fast food: a love story

I recently took part in the making of this short film by the citizen TV channel, WORLDbytes. It does a great job of explaining why fast food is so popular and why it isn’t going to kill us.

Planeat review: Why dodging the burgers won’t save the planet

A new documentary claims that a vegan lifestyle can save the world and our health. But where’s the beef?

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The politics of The People’s Supermarket

A visit to the reportedly radical store reveals that it doesn’t quite live up to its posh backers’ expectations.

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Why I don’t buy this ‘People’s Supermarket’

Channel 4’s latest one-man mission to change consumer habits has little to do with the interests of The People.

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Organic vs supermarket

This is an interesting piece in Time. It makes a few sweeping statements that I’m not sure are backed up by the facts - in particular, making the case in favour of organic foods when the differences are negligible or meaningless - but along the way it makes some good points.

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