Calculating corporations and weak-willed consumers

In his new book about mass-produced foodstuffs, Michael Moss dresses up a rancid view of firms and consumers as investigative journalism.

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Processed meat causes ‘early death’? Bullshit.

The top story in the UK media this morning is the claim that processed meat is killing us. This is the latest example of the British media churning out food scares like they were cheap sausages.

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Please keep doctors out of my dining room

The UK’s medical royal colleges have come up with a 10-point plan to tackle obesity. But their prescriptions are authoritarian, misguided or useless. In response, here’s a 10-point plan to get rid of meddling medics.

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In defence of cheap food

The horsemeat scandal in Europe has led many of the usual suspects to question the wisdom of cheap food and/or our ‘industrialised food system’. In reality, our food isn’t cheap enough and the food system isn’t industrialised enough.

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Horsemeat scandal: where’s the beef?

No one has died, or been harmed, and the risks of harm are very low. So why freak out about horsemeat?

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Debating the horsemeat affair and the wisdom of cheap food

I took part in a studio debate for Channel 4 News. Watch it here.

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How’s your beef burger? Champion.

Bad jokes aside, the scandal about horse meat in burgers should not be used to smear the entire food industry.

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The coffee-shop culture war

The anger at Tesco’s shareholding in a trendy coffee chain, Harris + Hoole, is snobbish, small-minded and ignorant.

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The usual old cobblers about obesity

The London Evening Standard‘s Dan Jones - or is that Polly Filler - does a great job today of dragging out every prejudice about obesity in the book. So, for his benefit, here’s a bit of balance on the issue.

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Gorging on anti-corporate baloney

Canadian medic Yoni Freedhoff claims on YouTube that Big Food is killing us. Such claims need to be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

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