Food for your bones

On the basis of an old theory that has mixed evidential backing, US researchers are testing whether eating nine (yes, nine) portions of fruit and veg per day could reduce osteoporosis.

New York Times

Amartya Sen on democracy and famine

Sen has famously pointed out that ‘No famine has ever taken place in the history of the world in a functioning democracy’.

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Eating ‘best before’ food

Eating food that’s still safe, but no longer at its best, is a way to save money and reduce waste. WRAP runs the campaign, and the article also mentions Freegans.

Why it pays to develop a taste for ‘best-before’ foods, The Times

Calories counts on NY menus have limited effect

Citywide, there was a modest decrease in calorie consumption amongst some customers. But in poorer neighbourhoods, where obesity is more common, price trumped the nutrition information and there was no effect at all.

How Posted Calories Affect Food Orders, New York Times

Pulp fiction about baby foods and pesticides

One area where cynicicm about organic is often suspended is over baby food.

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Fussy Fearnley-Whittingstall

An anecdotal riposte to Jamie Oliver’s assumption that childhood eating habits determine adult ones - from his Channel 4 food campaigning chum, Hugh.

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Fishing for flavour in east London

Watching how they make smoked salmon of Olympian quality

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Sweets and violence

Study suggests kids who are given sweets every day are more likely to be violent in adulthood.

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Sweets and violence

Study suggests kids who are given sweets every day are more likely to be violent in adulthood.

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How to avoid that food waste…

Buy what you need, don’t worry about use-by dates too much, buy at less wasteful shops…

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