Don’t bring back the Ministry of Food

Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall (yes, Hugh’s mum) has written an interesting history of food rationing during the Second World War. But bizarrely, she is nostalgic for that period.

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This tax on fizzy drinks stinks

Whether it is cigarettes, booze or soda, it’s not the place of the taxman to dissuade us from our enjoyable bad habits.

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Is this Food, Inc. or Monsters, Inc?

An Oscar-nominated documentary about America’s food industry is simply ‘outrage porn’ for organic eaters.

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America, we need to talk about Jamie

Once upon a time, you kicked us Brits out when we tried to tell you how to run your affairs. It’s time to do the same with Jamie Oliver.

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A foodie’s guide to the history of humanity

Tom Standage’s fascinating new book reveals how central were the production, transportation and consumption of food to the creation of human societies and human progress.

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After the war on salt, the battle against butter

Healthy-living killjoys now even want to ban the yellow creamy stuff that makes food so tasty and enjoyable.

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Put the lunch police back in their box

New research says children’s packed lunches are unhealthy. But what we feed our kids is no business of government.

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Wow, I think I’ve found the enemy

Pollan’s Food Rules are a mix of moderately sensible ideas - don’t pig out all the time etc - mixed with straightforward middle-class prejudice.

"Food Rules": A Completely Different Way To Fix The Health Care Crisis, Huffington Post

Ethical quandries at the dinner plate

This is what the decision about what to eat looks like when you put reducing carbon emissions before pleasure and nutrition. However, Hickman does illustrate very well that many assumptions about what is green are wrong.

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When vitamins really matter

This is an interesting piece by Nicholas Kristof in the NYT that points out that when food supply is really poor, vitamin supplementation - or, more precisely, food fortification - really matters.

World’s Healthiest Food, New York Times

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