We’re all malnourished now

The definition of ‘malnutrition’ is expanding faster than our waistlines.

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Obesity: a ‘national risk’?

The real danger we face in Britain today is the demand from doctors for overweening regulation of our lives.

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Sugar: It’s Choice Restriction Week!

Campaigns to impose regulations and taxes on sugary food and drink are bad for consumer freedom.

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Keep bacon, abolish the World Health Organisation

No, we shouldn’t worry about eating meat.

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10 reasons why sugar taxes suck

Illiberal, regressive, unnecessary, ineffective, cynical … need we go on?

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Don’t rush to join Jamie’s sugar crusade

Jamie Oliver’s latest campaign is just as simple-minded as his previous ones.

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In defence of cheap milk

Dairy farming is a hardnosed business, not a rural idyll.

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The truth about sugar

My recent paper with Christopher Snowdon for the Institute of Economic Affairs argues that we don’t need sin taxes, bans or any of the other things promoted by anti-sugar campaigners.

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Food banks in perspective

The Trussell Trust supplies a tiny fraction of the nation’s food needs.

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No, milk is not cheaper than water

Another zombie statistic doing the rounds.

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